Thursday, February 11, 2010

Photos From Ireland at Christmas time

Deb these are for you. Some photos from when we went home for Christmas at the end of the year. Ireland sure did look different under all that frost!!!

This is Ben, the fox who visits my mom and dad regularly. He will let you come as near as 10 feet ot him!!! Amazing. He was beautiful.

This was a rose blooming with frost on it.

Frost on a cobweb.

Frost on some leaves.

Outside our house. Frost on the ground.

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Laurie said...

Top of the day to you my dear! Hey Marie, thanks for the lovely comments on face book about my blog. I have been enjoying yours as well. The picture of the fox did you take that, or is it a stock picture? It's wonderful either way. I'm not real sure how these comments work, wether you will get notification of this or if I should go to your site, anyway, I have more for the up coming St. Pat's day, so check back if you get the chance. Love you. ~ Laurie

P.S. So I am leaving this comment on both our blogs, in hopes that you will see it. :0)