Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Basket Ball Pole

Since we moved Chris has wanted the removal of the basket ball pole as it has become rusty and an eye sore. It has been a fixture with the house for about 22 years. Sunday while a few friends were over the process began and the pole was removed. All I hear Chris say now when he comes or goes from our drive way is, "That looks so good." It does. It is like Christmas for him. The little things in life do make a difference.

Top part removed

Down to ground level

Movers and shakers pointing to the hole rather than the pole!!

That looks so good!!!!!

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

July 4th 2009

Celebrated July 4th in good old Virginia near where George Washington was born. Still have to go and visit his house but we will do that hopefully one of the next few trips we have. Had a great time with his aunts and uncle and cousins and grandmother and kids. Had our own private 4th of July fireworks and plenty of food as always. Also here are some chigger bites which have drove me crazy. Only bad thing about the country.

New Carpet

Been busy in the house at present. We got new carpet in all the rooms upstairs and it makes such a difference. It is lighter and of course fresher. Here is a picture of the new guest room, visitors welcome. Will do a photo of our new room when we get the mew furniture which should come in a few weeks. Just got the room painted today. It is a taupe color. Different. Enjoy.