Saturday, April 04, 2009

Cherry Blossom Festival in DC

Chris, Amanda & Robert

Annapolis Harbor

Jefferson Memorial

Lincol Memorial

Today decided to go to DC with our friends Robert and Amanda from North Carolina. Well tried one metro station and the lines were crazy. We probably would have been there over an hour just to get tickets and that wasn't even catching the metro. Went to another and the line was out into the street. Decided to drive in!!!! Big mistake. Traffic crazy and roads closed. Got to get out and take some pictures but then Chris got lost in traffic. After a while he got to us and we decided to go to Annapolis. Tranqil, beautiful and much more relaxed. Will never do that again. We are going to plan a trip later on in the year to take our friends back to DC for a hopefully more enjoyable trip.

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Shannon said...

Your photos could be postcards. So excited to see you guys in a few weeks :)