Monday, February 16, 2009


Valentine's weekend Chris took me to Virginia to visit his grandmother and aunt and uncle.
They live out in the boonies
but it is so peaceful and quiet that it seems like another world.

While we were there we decided to go and visit the graveyard where our son is buried.
We had not been there before as we get so teary eyes each time we pass the road.
His grandmother decided she wanted to put up a new headstone
and so she added Daniel's name to it.
Here are some pictures.
Also Chris' dad who died 2 weeks before our son is buried in the same plot.

Chris and I both love cats
but feel we can't get one right now as we are never home long enough
for an animal to have company.
It wouldn't be fair,
so for now we borrow others pets.
Isn't he beautiful?

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