Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Last weekend we went to Arizona to Chris' cousin, Sara's wedding.
We had a great time at the wedding and also seeing friends and family
and doing a little site seeing.
Chris wanted to move but I told him we had just moved
so he needs to hold his horses!!!!!!
Ye ha!
No wonder they call him "Cowboy."
Shannon & Sara

Always got to take pictures of wildlife when I get the chance

Cactus, cacuts and more cactus.

The scenes were breathtaking.


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Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful, as usual. I miss my little bits of God's creation captured for the computer screen...but I guess I can just go to this site and have them... I miss you sitting in the other chair in this office, too, even though it has been a while since you were in that seat. I was out walking last evening and remembering and praying for the many precious sisters and brothers who inhabited these grounds and my life and who are now elsewhere.
Ah, for heaven...