Monday, February 18, 2008


Since moving I haven't been out with my camera a lot
but have been observing our friends in the yard.
I miss the chipmunks but have our fair share of squirrels.
Counted 9 one moring all playing together in the back yard.
It was fun to just take time out of my day and watch them as the world went by.
They do not have the cares and worries we do
but God is ever faithful and tells us to
'cast our care upon Him
because He cares for us.'
Why do worry and fret so?

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standONtruth said...

Hello dearie... so good to see there is still some natural beauty outside of the mansion. HA. How are you doing out there in the big bad world? I hate being so busy... my mother said the other day, "Have you talked to Marie lately?" and I said, "no... NO..." and I will try to call you this weekend... seems finding the time is problem... ooooo, I hate that... :) I am praying still... for perfect love in everything... tara